How to earn money on facebook $500 every day for free

Hello Friends- In today's post, I will tell you how you will earn from Facebook.
 Friends, you should read this post completely because you will not get anything from half knowledge, you are requested to read this post

 Read completely, now let's talk about how you can earn money from Facebook, read this article completely.
 Friends .  Facebook is a very big Social Media Platform.  Facebook friends, everyone uses this world, people USE it, and millions of people use it for photos, videos, sharing, making new friends, and some people, for entertainment, and for many other things.  On the other hand, there are millions of people who are earning a lot of money from Facebook.

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Today through this article we are going to tell you how to earn money from Facebook.  Today, through this article, we are going to tell you different ways to earn money from Facebook.  If you are also looking for a source of income, then this article is going to be helpful for you.  so let's start

 What is Facebook?

 Facebook is a social media app.  The user can create his free profile on Facebook.  Facebook connects you online with your friends or acquaintances or even with people you don't even know.  On Facebook, you can share your thoughts along with pictures, music, videos and posting etc.
 Facebook was launched on 4 February 2004 under the name of The Facebook.  It gained immense popularity within a year.  In the year 2005, its name was changed to just Facebook.  The creator of Facebook is Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

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HELLO FRIENDS - Ais I told earlier that if you want to earn money from Facebook, you must first create a Facebook page.  If you do not know how to make a page, then you can create a facekook page kaise bante hai on Youtube!  You can watch the videos of our youtube channel.  You will easily understand how the page is made.  There are total 5 ways to earn money from Facebook page.
 page monetization
 Affiliate Marketing
 If you have an account on FACEBOOK.  So you must have seen your FACEBOOK VIDEOS UPLOAD too.  Like YouTube, people also upload videos on Facebook, because they get money for it.  Now this question will definitely come in your mind that how do they get money.  So let me tell you that the first way is Facebook monetization.  I will tell in few steps how you can monetize your facebook page
 Friends, for this you must first create a Facebook page, if you do not know how to create a Facebook page, then at the end of this post, I have…

   Friends, in today's digital time everyone has a smartphone available and there are different types of accounts on social media.  Every social media user knows what Facebook is, but do you know that you can earn money through Facebook as well?  If not, then today's article is for you.
Many people would still be using Facebook only according to their interest or to pass the time, but if we say that you can earn while running Facebook, then how about it?  So let us tell you today how you can earn money through Facebook.
 requirements to earn money from facebook
 Authorized Facebook account
 Laptop, computer or smartphone required
 a good internet connection
 Facebook page or Facebook group is necessary
 Joining of more members in your Facebook page or group
 Creative mind and patience
 In today's time, almost everyone has an account on social media and there are many people who are unemployed, so they can earn well using Facebook sitting at home.  So let's tell you how you can earn money on facebook.


 1. How to earn money from Facebook Group

 You can earn money by creating a group on Facebook.  For this, it is necessary to have at least o active members in your group.  If you post something on your Facebook group, then it is necessary to get reactions on your post immediately after posting.
You can post some such things about which your group members talk more.  You can promote their products in your group by talking to the brand of a company.  The more response you get on your post, the more it will be responsible for your good earning.


 2. Earn money from Facebook page

 How to earning facebook page

 If you get millions of likes on your Facebook page and a good number of members are associated with your Facebook page, then you can earn good money through Facebook page.  For this, you can promote the product of a company on your Facebook page.
 The big advertising companies prefer to advertise on the more liked Facebook page.  Not only this, you can also earn a good amount by selling your Facebook page.
 how to earn money facebook page in English
 3. How to earn money from Facebook Marketplace
 If you have started your own business or want to market your product, then Facebook marketplace is a very good option.  You have to list your product in Facebook Marketplace.  For marketing, you can also do paid promotion on groups and Facebook pages with good likes and a good number of members, which can increase the sale of your product.
how to make money online free
 Apart from this, you can join any Reselling company.  Those products can be listed in the marketplace for free or with some paid amount.  If a customer likes the product then he can place the order by contacting directly through the contact details given by you.  So in this way also you can earn good money in a month by keeping your margin.
Now the facility of Facebook ads is also available for the users on Facebook.  Through this facility, the biggest company or the smallest company can run ads for any particular product on Facebook.
 Any company has to hire an employee to run ads on Facebook.  If you have knowledge in this field, then you can do the work of running Facebook ads for many companies and earn good money.


 5. Earn money from Freelancing

 You will easily find groups related to freelancing work on Facebook.  You can work as a freelancer by joining this group.  You can also create a Facebook group for freelancing related work and after adding more people to it, you can offer your services.  This is a good way to earn money through Facebook.

 6. Earn money from URL shortening

 URL shorten is a website where you can shorten any URL.  After shortening, you have to share this link/URL with Facebook page, Facebook group and friends.  Whenever a person clicks on that link, the website of URL shortening will give you money per click, so you can earn money with the help of URL shortening.

 7. Earn money by selling your services

 If you provide any kind of online or offline services, then you can promote your services on Facebook with the help of Facebook page, Facebook group, advertisement and posting etc.  Due to which your sale will increase.  In this, both the service receiver and the service provider are benefited.

8. Earn money from PPV network

 PPV means pay per view.  There are many companies that pay according to views.  You have to find out about the companies providing this type of work.  In this, you have to get maximum traffic on your working site, because the more traffic, the more views will increase, which is responsible for your good earning.  In the same way you can earn money through PPV network.


 9. Earn money from PPC network

 PPC means pay per click.  Advertising work is done in this type of network.  When someone clicks on the link shared by you, the company pays you per click.  By joining this type of program, you can earn a good income sitting at home.


 10. Earn money through PPD network

 PPD stands for pay per download.  This is a program where you have to upload small or large files.  Whenever someone downloads this file through URL, you will get money in return.  This makes a good monthly income.


 11. Earn money from Affiliate marketing

 You can choose the affiliate program of the company of your choice.  You can promote the product of this company or any services provided by that company through your Facebook account and get a fixed commission.
 Apart from this, you can make a video or a post with the creativity of your mind.  If that post gets a large number of likes and views, that is, it becomes viral, then for this also you are paid by Facebook.
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